March 24, 2015


The snow has melted, grass turns slowly greener and the weather alternates between pleasant and rainy. Spring is in the air and now it's official!
As the days are lengthening and the sun is strengthening we all start to yearn for leisure. No wonder because suddenly we no longer wake up to grayness, but with the sun's rays glittering on our faces. Finally!

So what to do when the snowstorm is behind our back and the light summer breeze on the horizon?
Here are some tips you can, pardon me, should do in spring:

March 14, 2015


Banana Bread is always a good idea, am I right? And even better idea when it’s healthy and you know it’s made only with hearty ingredients.

I love making this single serving banana bread for breakfast, because it’s super easy and super quick! You just need to mix all the ingredients and voilà!!

If you don’t have a small bread ramekin, you can make muffins out of it! I used my new muffin-rose-form I got from my Austrian friends and it made 3 large muffins.  To be honest, I ate them all at once! Bad me! But it was sooooo delicious…

March 2, 2015

BASIC PANCAKES (vegan + gf)

Today I woke up really craving pancakes. I hadn't had them in a while, a loooong while. Seriously, it's more than 2 months since I had pancakes! How could I have survived?! I have NO idea.
Given that this week i have no school and am turning 18 exactly in 7 days, I decided to take good care of myself and do what I want to do (along with studying for my exams next week). And what is better than starting a day with pancakes?
This is my first attempt at a vegan pancake and it was a great success! They hold together perfectly, taste incredible and are easy to make. 
You should try this single-serving basic vegan pancakes!

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