September 25, 2015

Too this, too that…too DAMN judgmental!

Hey guys!! I feel so guilty that I haven't posted anything in... like... WEEKS! I'm truly sorry it took me so long to update my blog. I don't think it's necessary for me to start making excuses, as I KNOW I could've post something sooner despite being busy with school and everything else (errrrm...such a bad excuse...I know, I know...)
Anyway, lately I've been thinking about what does beauty really mean and about the ideal of beauty. Today I'd like to share with you my thoughts. 

"You are not a mistake. You are not a problem to be solved. But you won't discover this until you are willing to stop banging your head against the wall of shaming and caging and fearing yourself." 

When I was younger, I wanted to become a model. At least for some period of time. I always admired the beautiful, tall models with flawless skin, staring at me with their ocean-deep blue eyes from my favorite magazine covers. I desperately wanted to look like them. I wanted their smile, their eyes, their breasts... their body. Little did I know that I was slowly developing an eating disorder. Fortunately, I realized how stupid I was soon enough and opened my eyes.

Nowadays, it seems like society is obsessed with determining what the ideal body should look like. The fact is that there is no chance for us to win. One minute we’re told that our bum is too big and the next we need to get it like Kim Kardashian. Oh, but that's not everything, because we can't forget the big breasts and a tiny waist. Not mentioning the thigh gap trend, baby soft skin and white tooth smile. How can we possibly keep up with all these permanently changing ideals? No wonder that so many of us have developed bad eating habits and disorders in an attempt to reach the unreachable! And let's face it, if we don’t fall into these ideals, we are ashamed and therefore we start to feel guilty. We feel ashamed about not being enough. Too fat, too skinny, too muscular...too DAMN judgmental! So many of us spend a big part of their lives treating our bodies as objects to be controlled, and never getting to experience the joy of actually living in them. We often forget that our body is our companion. It carries us and serves us every single day. We don’t wake up and decide to hate our bodies, society teaches us to. Society teaches us to apply labels on people; to judge them by their first appearance without knowing anything about the person beneath the skin. 

I'm so tired of hearing ‘not thin enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not this enough, not that enough’. It's time for us to realize that there's NOTHING wrong with us.  We ARE NOT numbers on a scale. We are individuals with the right to love our bodies just the way they are with all the nonexistent flaws. Because when I think about it, the idea of body flaws just seems so silly to me. The only real “flaw” is the one in our over-thinking and over-analyzing our appearance. There’s no such thing as only one perfect body.  It’s time to throw away the beauty ideals of our society and paint our own definition of beauty. All bodies are worth the love, all bodies are beautiful.

Not long ago I wanted to become a I want to be a role model.

“You do not win by struggling to the top of a caste system, you win by refusing to be trapped within one at all.” - Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth

So, tell me, what is beauty to you?

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