January 9, 2015


Here comes the intense excitement of the New Year. Here comes the new beginning.

We just got another opportunity to begin again. All the pages in our book are blank. Those 365 pages are waiting to be filled with any content we decide to give it. Every day, you start a new chapter and everything can change in a blink of an eye. How fortunate are we to have this possibility – to start again! We have new hopes and new dreams, but in the end of the day, it’s only up to us if these dreams will come true. We need to take action if we want this year to be the best year yet!

I'm thrilled to turn the page from 2014 and start writing a new story this year. In hindsight, the last year was a damn good year. I traveled a lot. I finally got the opportunity to visit England, Hungary and Cote d’Azur! I moved to Austria, Linz, for a half year (right now finishing my semester there), where I met many new people and made new friends. I also am more independent now, as my family stayed in Prague. I started practicing yoga and tried meditating (still need to work on that thou). With the help of my family and best friend I managed to stop my weight problem before it was too dangerous for me; and now I’m way more satisfied with how I look. And maybe the most powerful change made in 2014 was becoming more aware of my thoughts and realizing that thoughts become reality.

Now I can’t wait for what 2015 brings to me. Let me just say: I’m ready!
With the New Year comes also another opportunity to make new goals and build new habits. Here are my resolutions for 2015!

I’m talking and enthusing about starting a blog already for, like, 3 years. And I did, two times. And I failed, each time. This year, I’m taking the action for the third time. After all, third time’s the charm, right? Just for the record, 3 is my lucky number! So to make it official, I’m starting a blog. Now. In this moment. I’m determined to be all in.

Last summer I was introduced to the beauty and light of yoga. The first few attempts felt, to be honest, uncomfortable. I couldn’t throw my head back and when I tried my neck was aching. When I leaned forward I was far from touching the ground with my palms. Whenever I was in a tree pose, I was trembling, falling over, and having no balance. Yoga is all about balance. Balance within you. In the beginning, it felt like balance is elusive for me. But later I found out that I need to be fully concentrated on my body. I AM my body. And in the moment I realized this, I knew I will find my balance sooner or later.
Yoga is a path to clarity, a journey inside the mind and so much more. Yoga does the good to you.
And to feel the astonishing delight that I felt doing yoga last summer, I will take yoga classes once a week and practice on my own at least two times a week.

I truly need to clear my mind. Meditating could make you happier, more creative, relaxed, less anxious, as well as improve your memory.  Frankly, meditating even only 10 minutes a day makes wonders. Am I saying “no time”?! The hell I have time! I can always find those 10 minutes a day. (And so can you if you want to try it!)

Seriously. Do those 50 squats a day! It won’t hurt. And you want that booty!
 Stretching is way too important to skip it. With stretching you can form your body and become more flexible. And that’s my goal. Also, to be able to do a split. Bang Bang Bang!

I decided to detox my body for one week once a month. With detoxing I don’t mean juicing and starving myself. I mean eating only veggies and fruits; drinking green tea, plenty of water and smoothies (preferably green). I already marked the dates in my calendar so I can really stick with it. Plus I have a buddy – my mum! This is going to be fun!!

Rise and shine, baby! I will try to wake up sooner little by little. For example, normally, I wake up at 6am. In January, I’ll set my alarm on 5:50. 5:40 will do in February. And little by little I’ll be waking up at 5:15. Thanks to rising early I’ll have enough time to exercise/run, stretch, prepare breakfast and plan my goals for that day. There’s no way to start the day better!
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” – Ben Franklin

There’s NO MORE sugar for me in the late afternoon. It is essential to stop my cravings for I will feel better afterwards. Do it for all the benefits and your overall health, not for losing weight. After 3 pm I stick with vegetables and nuts. (Of course I’ll have a cheat day on Saturday!)

Recently I made a DIY HAPPY 365 DAYS JAR, where I write each day one thing that made me happy that day.  It’s very easy to do and I assure you, it’ll be such a good feeling to read all those happy thoughts at the end of the year!
Also, I want to keep a gratitude journal, where I will each morning write 5 things I am grateful for. I already did this last year, but with few breaks, but I always felt magnificently afterwards. Thanks to the gratitude journal I started the day with positive thinking, which made my mornings utterly magical and filled with many happy moments. I want to have this feeling every day. It’s worth it.

I shouldn’t skip this one. I want to put 5 times per week exactly 1 euro to my moneybox, which means by the end of the month I may have saved 20 Euros. And that is a goodie! Keeping it simple, but making a progress.

Every Sunday, I’m going to set goals for the upcoming week. I made a board where I put 6 most important tasks I want to accomplish that week and whenever I success, I put on the corner of the board and leave the space blank or fill it with another important task. I put the “goal board” right next to my bed so I can see it permanently, which helps me to concentrate on fulfilling those goals. I want that board blank on Saturday!

That’s pretty much it for me, aside from the usual “don’t speak coarsely” and “work harder”.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions for 2015? 

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